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RoadPixel are specialist ANPR hardware and software suppliers with ISO 9001 and 14001. Although RoadPixel predominantly sell products through Systems Integrators they also provide free consultancy to help you, the End User, to agree the system design, software needs and operational specification.
ANPR can be challenging and plate recognition results can vary depending on good or bad camera location, system setup, cabling and connections.  RoadPixel’s highly experienced, technical team have an in-depth knowledge of ANPR hardware and software, who will walk you through your project taking care of site surveys, offer advice for the best solution, a hassle free installation and offer continued support and maintenance.

RoadPixel’s RoadWolf™ ANPR Camera range is manufactured in the UK and uses the latest camera sensors, IR illumination and filter technology to deliver a new standard of plate reading. Available in both Analogue and HD formats, the dual lens cameras capture crisp infrared images of retro-reflective licence plates as well as an overview image of the vehicles both in daylight and in challenging light conditions. The RoadWolf range also offers a Bollard Camera for premium sites and car parks where a standard ANPR camera might be at risk to tampering.  The Nano Camera is suitable for where space or aesthetics demand a less industrial look or a more discreet deployment.

RoadPixel’s advanced, interactive vehicle monitoring application, RPX-LIVE can log all traffic movements, perform real-time database checks and provide alerts as well as integrate with barriers, gates and LED Signs. The intuitive user interface enables you to use it in a desktop environment to monitor or control any site entrance, car park or traffic flow.

If you have an existing ANPR system that is not performing to expectations, RoadPixel can help. Find out more.


We can OFFER:

  • Project Management through to Commissioning
    Products that work reliably
    UK manufactured cameras with dual varifocal lenses
    Easy to use application software
    Plate read exports to your own BOF application
    Full access control systems with user categories and configurable access periods
    Security User & Admin Training
    Continued Support & Maintenance

For further information or to discuss how we might be able to work together please contact Frank or Steve.

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If you are a systems integrator and have a project in mind call us to discuss your application needs on 01707 808650 and ask for Steve Townsend or Frank Thomson or complete our online quote request form.