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RPX-LIVE: ANPR Application Software

RPX-LIVE is an advanced, interactive vehicle monitoring application. It can log all traffic movements, perform real-time database checks and alerts as well as instantly transmit vehicle data to the RoadPixel Cloud-Based Back Office (RPX-BOF). The intuitive user interface may be used in a desktop environment to monitor or control any site entrance, car park or traffic flow. The same GUI can be also be used with a Touch Screen or Tablet PC in a Police or Enforcement vehicle to check passing traffic against multiple hotlists.

The RPX-LIVE inbuilt database can store information associated with a plate including the vehicle make, model and colour along with all driver details. Permitted Access periods may be defined to only allow entry to certain groups of vehicles at particular times. This data can be easily imported or exported using a standard CSV file format and may be externally edited (additional user defined fields may be added).

A powerful Search facility allows users to rapidly search archived plates and display details of all vehicle movements such as: list all entry/exit events relating to a specific plate or list all vehicles exiting site between 14:00 and 14:45 last Monday. With our ANPR software partial plate searches are also possible; when partial plate details are entered the software instantly returns all possible matches. All extracted data can be printed along with colour images of vehicles or easily exported in ASCII text, XML or various other formats.