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ROADWOLF HD/IP ANPR CAMERA: Unique New ANPR Camera for High-Speed Recognition up to 40 Metres
RoadPixel are delighted to launch the new ROADWOLF HD/IP ANPR Camera, a unique product in the ANPR market, suitable for a wide range of applications. The Long-range IP camera captures number plates, using a global shutter, perfect for long range and high speed making it ideal for traffic and covert use.

The compact and lightweight range of RoadWolf™ ANPR Cameras use the latest LED technology to deliver a new standard of plate reading. Available in Analogue and HD  IP formats, the cameras have been designed to be efficient, economic and technically appealing to installation engineers.
Using the latest Sony DSP technology for noise reduction and infrared sensitivity, the RoadWolf cameras capture crisp infrared images of retroreflective licence plates. The overview camera module captures corresponding contextual images of vehicles both in daylight and in challenging light conditions.
The RoadWolf HD/IP Camera is available with various lens options and is available as a single monochrome infrared (IR) or dual camera with additional colour contextual camera. The camera reads plates at either a site entrance a few metres away - or from a highway gantry scanning high-speed traffic at a distance of up to 40m.
RPX-LIVE: The New Powerful ANPR Application Software
RoadPixel are pleased to announce the launch of the new RPX-LIVE, an advanced, interactive vehicle monitoring application with both PC and web-based interfaces.

The RPX-LIVE is a comprehensive ANPR application software suite that can log all traffic movements, perform real-time database checks and alerts and can control car park barriers or traffic lights. Site setup and control is simplified with a graphical representation of your site and RPX-LIVE can monitor several locally connected ANPR cameras as well as accepting real time data from multiple remote RPX-DROID ANPR clients.

The RPX-LIVE inbuilt databases can store information associated with a plate including the vehicle make, model and colour along with all driver details including a staff ID number. Permitted Access periods may be defined to only allow entry to certain groups of vehicles at particular times at particular gates.

A powerful Search facility allows users to rapidly search archived plates and display details of all vehicle movements. With the RPX-LIVE ANPR software, partial plate searches are also possible; when partial plate details are entered the software instantly returns all possible matches.
New staff member joins Roadpixel
RoadPixel are pleased to welcome back on board a former colleague, Jane Haywood. Having worked with the team at their previous ANPR company, Jane understands the needs of the business and customers alike. Jane has been appointed to help progress the business by effectively planning and executing all marketing activities going forward.

Jane has a CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing and her main pastimes are her family and photography.
RoadPixel Expand the Team
We are delighted to welcome Stavros to the RoadPixel team in a General Business Support role using his business and IT skills to improve some of our internal systems and to provide technical ANPR support to our customers.  Stavros comes from an IT background where he has real experience of building workstations, setting up networks and resolving hardware and software issues.

Stavros has a BSc from the University of Hertfordshire and is a keen footballer.  He also makes time for the odd game of tennis and is seriously into flight simulation.