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Access Control And HiGH Security Sites

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) can be used for access control, controlling gates, barriers and LED Signs. If a site is jeopardised or breached then an ANPR system can be used to provide reliable, time-stamped indisputable evidence to the police or insurers.

RPX-LIVE, RoadPixel’s interactive vehicle monitoring application makes light work of access control. The database can store information associated with a plate including the vehicle make, model and colour along with all driver details. Vehicles can be categorised into known sub-categories such as staff, contractors and delivery drivers and any suspect vehicles can be ‘tagged’ for future alerts when they arrive on-site. Permitted access periods may be defined to only allow entry to certain groups of vehicles at particular times.

Positioned at site entrances with barriers, gates, traffic lights or LED signs, the RoadWolf ANPR cameras can read all approaching number plates and grant access dependent on matching the incoming number plate against the database of authorised users.

Personal databases with vehicle and driver profiles (with known driver images if required) can be synchronised to allow employees access to a staff only car park or grant fast track entry. Car sharing groups can be highlighted allowing preferential parking or restrictions for other members if a member of the group has already been recorded as having arrived. ‘Hotlists’ can be used to flag dismissed employees or important deliveries and directly alert a member of the security team via email.

Entry and exit records can be stored for future viewing and analysis, with any excessive time intervals or unusual access times being highlighted.

See RoadPixel’s ANPR systems in action at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, Merrist Wood College and at Everest Data Centres.
ANPR for Access Control

Access Control / Site Security

Better than CCTV

Unlike CCTV systems data can be easily searched by entering either a number plate, employee or registered visitor or contractor’s name.  Alternatively it is easy to search using date and time for vehicles entering or leaving - with associated overview images.

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