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RoadPixel Joins the Vaxtor Recognition Group and gains in-house World Class ANPR Software and Container Recognition Technology … becomes the new International HQ. Read the full story here
Some of the new in-house technologies include a mature and very capable Automatic Number Plate Recognition engine with key user deployment in most International territories
  • Container Recognition Software 
  • Speed Reporting Software 
  • Intelligent Camera Technology 

RoadPixel are UK based specialist manufacturers of Automatic Number Plate Recgnition (ANPR) hardware and ANPR software developers. RoadPixel typically work through approved reseller partners who they work closely with to deliver you turnkey ANPR solutions.

RoadPixel offer end users and integrators a free initial site survey and consultancy in cases where the site application requires some thought or planning, RoadPixel’s experienced staff can help with a professional Automatic Number Plate Recognition system design.

RoadPixel’s team of friendly technical professionals comprehend all aspects of ANPR and can deliver straightforward ANPR systems that capture ANPR data packets and transmit to a central server for Back Office processing. All data gathered by an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system can be stored in a database for future analysis and reporting.

RoadPixel can also assist with the production of an Operational Requirements Specification to ensure that all parties and stakeholders agree on the final features and functions of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system and to make sure that it will meet the user requirements.

RoadPixel can also help with any necessary staff communications regarding the ANPR plan to ensure the successful buy-in and implementation of your site project.

Why choose roadpixel

RoadPixel are Automatic Number Plate Recognition applications specialists and can discuss your ANPR requirements based upon an understanding of business applications and with due consideration of any traffic flow factors.  RoadPixel can guide you through what can practically be achieved in the most cost-efficient way either through a straight system purchase or rental.

Unlike many other products that you may buy for business, RoadPixel strongly believe that good service and support are essential factors for the success of any ANPR system and RoadPixel have a genuine customer support culture combined with competence that they trust you will find refreshing.

RoadPixel have many capabilities and options that are not featured on our website so if you have a project in mind and need some help to move it forward, talk to us first.

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras

ANPR Cameras

RoadPixel’s UK manufactured range of RoadWolf ANPR Cameras are compact and lightweight, featuring the latest LED technology and varifocal lenses to provide you with a flexible installation setup.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Software

ANPR Software

RoadPixel have several powerful ANPR applications which include RPX-DROID and RPX-LIVE which can combine to allow both complex and simple ANPR systems to be configured for your project needs.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Hardware

ANPR Hardware

RoadPixel can supply you with a complete ANPR system package including all associated ANPR hardware; Processors (both fixed and mobile), Video Capture Cards, Relay Cards and LED Signs.

Become an Approved RoadPixel Partner

If you are a systems integrator and have a project in mind call us to discuss your application needs on 01707 808650 and ask for Frank Thomson or complete our online quote request form.