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Professional ANPR System for Campus Security Installed at Merrist Wood College

RoadPixel, the ANPR Hardware and Software Specialists have installed a professional ANPR system to maintain campus security at Merrist Wood College.
Part of the Guildford College Group, Merrist Wood wanted to increase their general site security and also restrict access after-hours to specifically authorised vehicles. RoadPixel’s RoadWolf ANPR Bollard Cameras were installed to capture the number plates as well as images of each vehicle that enters the campus.
Security staff are able to set up custom-named categories within RPX-LIVE (RoadPixel’s interactive Security and Access Control Application), including staff, students, visitors and contractors all with different access periods. RPX-LIVE uses this information to create 'virtual permits' ensuring that only authorised vehicles gain access out of hours.
The Colleges’ security team also have the ability to set real time alerts and alarms for any vehicles that they do not want entering the campus. System security notifications can be sent by email to multiple staff members enabling them to deal with situations promptly.”

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Merrist Wood College ANPR System

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