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ANPR Systems for Car Dealerships: RPX-SMARTCLIENT

RPX-SMARTCLIENT is a turnkey system to help you develop a closer relationship with your customers, making them feel important and helping to build customer loyalty. It also helps your sales team by giving a heads up when a prospective customer arrives.

RPX-SMARTCLIENT can help improve the customer experience and ensure that customers, especially your VIP customers, go away feeling valued. With the use of system alerts your reception desk can be notified as soon as a customer arrives on site. VIP customers can be personally welcomed in the car park so that they can be on their way without delay or have a quick coffee with you.

RoadPixel's systems can also be used to alert Sales / Reception staff to the arrival of a client of interest, either for an appointment or just because we know that their vehicle is approaching the end of its contract term.

Security alerts can be built in for a range of vehicle movements that you might want to know about, e.g. an unwelcome visitor or an unsold vehicle leaving site. The intuitive user interface allows users to search the event log list complete with images for all vehicle movements 24/7.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR Systems for Car Dealerships


  • Get closer to your customers
  • Meet and greet customers as they arrive
  • Reduce VIP customer waiting / check in time
  • Improve the overall customer experience
  • Improve customer loyalty and increase retention
  • Alert sales staff to returning visitors of interest
  • Increase site security
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