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ANPR Computers & Processors

The RoadPixel ANPR recognition engine runs on a standard Windows based PC unlike many other systems which often require specialist platforms and additional video processing boards.

RoadPixel supply several types of ANPR Processors for different situations or environments. They can vary in size, power and specification and are available in many configurations and are categorized into Fixed and Mobile PCs.

Fixed ANPR PCs

RP-PC Tower - Desktop PC for use in offices and clean environments. These units resemble domestic PCs but are fitted with Industrial Motherboards.

RP-PC Rack - 19” Rackmount PC for use in industrial racks and server rooms where multiple ANPR PCs are part of a larger system. Also used in IP rated roadside cabinets for traffic systems.

Mobile ANPR PCs


A high performance in-vehicle computer normally mounted in the car boot with a dashboard mounted touch screen for control.
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A rugged, high performance rapid deployment laptop computer for use in vehicles or to be deployed roadside.
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A rugged Windows based tablet PC operated by a touch screen, used primarily in vehicles – normally with a single ANPR camera.
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