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Counter Terrorism

ANPR plays a vital part in Counter Terrorism. Almost all terrorists use vehicles to carry out their own surveillance operations. Whether they are using genuine, stolen or fake plates ANPR allows the vehicles to be tracked.
Advanced ANPR can spot multiple and recurring sightings of a vehicle, it can also cross match plates of known criminals and signal alerts if they are within a designated area. ANPR can also detect if a plate has been tampered with and / or does not belong to the vehicle it is on.

Thousands of traffic cameras are deployed annually for counting, tolling and measuring; all of these systems can be connected to local or national Police approved Back Office Solution (BOF). This is the key intelligence and crime fighting toolkit behind the scenes and can be customised to your own requirements.

Cities, Airports, Ports, Utilities, Military Bases, Embassies and other sensitive sites around the world can now benefit from the leading system architecture pioneered in the UK.

RoadPixel also have a range of specialist equipment from discreet ANPR cameras to rapid deployment and mobile systems to complement our standard products.