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ANPR System Hardware

RoadPixel’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Hardware range consists of Processors (both fixed and mobile), Video Capture Cards, Relay Cards, Cameras and LED Signs. RoadPixel can supply you with the complete ANPR system package or any component part.

An ANPR System normally consists of the following:

ANPR Computer / Processor 
Video Frame Grabber / Capture Card
Relay Card (to open a barrier)
RoadWolf ANPR Cameras

and sometimes LED Signs and Modems. RoadPixel also offer a range of Mobile ANPR Processors that have been designed to provide flexible and reliable Automatic Number Plate Recognition on the move.

Unlike many other systems which require specialist platforms and additional video processing boards, the RoadPixel ANPR Recognition Engine will run on a standard Windows based PC. RoadPixel supply several types of ANPR processors suitable different types of Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems. These include: Desktop PCs, Rackmount PCs, Rugged Mobile PCs and Tablets.

Up to four lanes of high speed traffic can be processed with one Video Frame Grabber / Capture Card, more for situations where the traffic is moving more slowly such as car park entrances / exits. The speed and behaviour of the traffic should always be considered when designing a system.
Connected to the Video Capture Cards are specialised ANPR RoadWolf Infrared Video Cameras which are used to capture number plates. Find out more. Where traffic lanes are wider than 3m, or when vehicles can approach a barrier from more than one angle, RoadWolf HD ANPR cameras can be used – or alternatively multiple analogue cameras can be connected to each lane. Additional colour overview cameras can be added to each lane to capture a general picture of the car, showing make, model etc.

RoadPixel's range of modular LED Signs can be bolted together to display dynamic messages in a variety of styles to inform or instruct your staff, visitors or customers. Controlled by RPX-LED, our interactive LED Application Software is easy to use and set up.



IP streams can also be processed by the RoadPixel Engine.  Options are available within the RoadWolf Analogue Camera range to IP encode the video signals and transmit them to the ANPR PC via a CAT5/6 cable.

Traffic control systems such as barriers, automatic gates or traffic lights can be controlled by the system using the 16 channel Relay Card and the RPX-LIVE software.

Larger networked systems can be supplied connecting up to 256 ANPR PCs to a centralised BOF (Back Office). Communication is normally via XML or other network protocols.

For further information on RoadPixel’s Hardware options just contact us to discuss your requirements.