ANPR Systems - including Cameras, Application Software and associated Hardware ANPR Hardware and Software Suppliers Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Become a Partner

RoadPixel’s Approved ANPR Installer Partnership will provide you with the committed partner you need to help you realise the potential amongst your existing customer base as well as make the most of any new enquiries that come along.

RoadPixel supply everything from their own extensive range of ANPR hardware to in-house recognition and application software. RoadPixel make their own range of RoadWolf™ ANPR Cameras that make life easy for installers as they have varifocal lenses. This is really useful to get your installation team on and off site as quickly as possible without a return visit needed with another camera. RoadPixel's hardware is very competitively priced with grabber cards, for example, costing 50% less than some of their competitors.

RoadPixel have IP encoders, PCs and other small processor units – they can help you delivery turnkey projects of any size.

RoadPixel have experience with all types of users from Waste Management Sites, to Airports, Ports, Corporate HQs and the Police. RoadPixel also have close partners that can provide back office solutions for Car Park overstay control and anything else that they do not have in-house.

Firstly it is important to know that RoadPixel work with each of their partners on a confidential basis. If you ever need RoadPixel to survey a site or assist with a technical discussion or presentation to a client, then you need to know that RoadPixel can be 100% trusted to keep your customers private to you.

RoadPixel provide sales and technical training to help your team have the confidence to discuss ANPR applications. RoadPixel can also help with site surveys and give you technical specifications along with your quote. RoadPixel want you to win and they want long term partnerships.

RoadPixel are looking for both UK based and International Partners.

Take the first step to joining the RoadPixel Approved Installer Partnership and call Frank Thomson our CEO to arrange a meeting on 01707 808650 or email Alternatively fill out the contact form below and a member of the team will get in touch with you.