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If you have an existing ANPR system that is not performing to expectations, RoadPixel can help.

A Professional ANPR System is a great technology that has no easy substitute especially to monitor unknown vehicles entering a site where there may be criminal intent or if you need ANPR for Access Control or to control unauthorised parking.
Whilst there are some ‘ANPR’ Systems that will never work to any reasonable professional standards as they are not fit for purpose, many ANPR systems simply fail to perform due to poor installation planning and incorrect cabling due to untrained and inexperienced installers. RoadPixel can provide Advice and Support.
Other common issues are:
  • Poor recognition software
  • Incorrect cameras used (i.e. conventional CCTV) with no fixed iris, high shutter speed or band pass filter
  • System does not work at night
  • ANPR does not work if vehicles are travelling over 30mph
  • Plates not big enough to be read (incorrect camera, lens or location))
  • Poor on-site Traffic Management resulting in missed plates / vehicles
  • Excessive skew angles causing recognition issues
  • Applications not delivering to the initial specification (always get this in writing)

How long should an ANPR system last?

An ANPR system should be viewed as an IT system and needs to be maintained and supported. We would suggest that five years would be a reasonable expected lifespan of any system.


We can help with:

  • A second opinion on the performance / system design
  • Hardware refresh / technology upgrade
  • System expansion
  • System replacements
  • Maintenance & Support Contracts

For further information please contact one of our expert systems engineers to talk through your concerns and questions for a no obligation telephone chat and we can arrange a follow up site meeting. An objective site /system survey and report is available from £199.00 (ex vat) depending on the site location and complexity.

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