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ANPR Software

RoadPixel are specialists in both ANPR hardware and software.  It is the powerful combination of these two elements that will produce the best results.  ANPR Software comprises the low level ANPR Recognition Engine (the OCR) and the high-level application software that uses the ANPR Plate reads as events to trigger some other action or send this data somewhere else.

In addition to the RoadPixel ANPR Recognition Engine, we have several powerful ANPR applications including RPX-DROID and RPX-LIVE which can combine to allow both complex and simple ANPR systems to be configured for your project needs.

RPX-DROID runs as an unattended ANPR outstation client with a Web-based interface.  Capturing number plates along with images of vehicles, it automatically transmits the results to another device, program or remote back office using a variety of methods including text files, web services or via an SQL interface.  This is often used by out Car Park Systems Integrators who just need a plate read and associated data sent to their own central servers.

RPX-LIVE is a comprehensive ANPR user application which can match plate reads against databases, open barriers, control LED signs, sound alarms or send a message via email when a vehicle arrives at your premises.  RPX-LIVE can manage onsite car parks for users with different access rights.  Hundreds of remote RPX-DROID systems can connect to RPX LIVE acting as a centralised Back Office for more demanding ANPR scenarios.  Once the plate reads are saved, users can perform complex searches on the data. 

In addition to these standard modular packages RoadPixel can offer various levels of customisation allowing OEMs and system designers to integrate ANPR with existing software installations.  For example, ANPR reads can be automatically transmitted to a bespoke Car Dealership customer service system or integrate with a centralised car park booking system. View the key application areas.

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