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Meet the Team

The RoadPixel Team are specialist providers of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solutions. At heart we are a technology business that has a team of approachable technical experts who understand ANPR and, more importantly its business applications. Contact the RoadPixel Team to get expert advice today.

Frank Thomson, CEO

Frank’s touch and input extends to all aspects of our business but right now he is particularly focused on business growth activities. His remit covers commercial and legal contracts, strategy, UK and International partner development. Frank & Lawson founded their previous highly successful ANPR business which they sold to a US public company some years ago.  RoadPixel was founded in 2012 and is growing steadily supplying systems to many significant clients. He believes in very high standards of customer care and openness and likes to be regarded as fair and reasonable. Frank describes himself as a ‘technology pragmatist’ as he has a passion for good technology that is well made, reliable and easy to use (as opposed to technology that doesn’t quite live up to expectations). He likes the outdoor life and is a keen walker and skier. Email Frank

Lawson Noble, Chief Technical Officer

Lawson is responsible for new product Research & Development at RoadPixel. With a vast array of technical knowhow and experience, Lawson is at the forefront of technology and always looking for a way to improve products and bring new features and benefits to customers. After working at Logica plc, Lawson went on to form Io Research Ltd, which rapidly grew to become one of the UK’s leading Computer Graphics companies. More recently Lawson and Frank formed their previous ANPR business and grew the company for 12 years before selling it off to a US public company. Lawson describes himself as a technology trawler, extracting ideas from emerging sciences and transforming these into profit generating tools for parking and security applications. Email Lawson

Marc Hughes, Head of Engineering

Marc has a broad remit ranging from product sourcing and liaising with our manufacturing partners to ensuring successful project delivery through our systems integrator partners.  Marc also worked alongside Frank and Lawson in their previous ANPR for eleven years with some high-profile systems integrators in the CCTV and Security sector. Marc has a wealth of knowledge and experience across hardware and software disciplines and is often faced with some interesting challenges which he tackles head-on.  He is much appreciated and well-respected for his comprehensive systems installation knowledge. Email Marc

Ian Wilson, Technical Services Manager

Ian is a key member of our team working closely with our customers to deliver the best in pre and post installation support and technical training. He has as wealth of ANPR and engineering experience gained from his time in the Police and armed forces along with a strong sense of customer focus.
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Jane Haywood, Marketing

Jane Haywood, Marketing

Having worked with the team at their previous ANPR company, Jane understands the needs of the business and customers alike. Jane has been appointed to help progress the business by effectively planning and executing all marketing activities going forward. Jane has a CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing and her main pastimes are her family and photography.
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Stavros Kokkinos, Business Support Assistant

Stavros Kokkinos, Business Support Assistant

Stavros’ role in General Business Support is to improve some of our internal systems using his business and IT skills and to provide technical ANPR support to our customers.  Stavros comes from an IT background where he has real experience of building workstations, setting up networks and resolving hardware and software issues.  Stavros has a BSc from the University of Hertfordshire and is a keen footballer.  He also makes time for the odd game of tennis and is seriously into flight simulation.
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