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About RoadPixel

RoadPixel is a UK based specialist provider of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solutions. RoadPixel's team of approachable technical experts understand all aspects of ANPR and can provide simple outstation / remote ANPR systems that capture ANPR data packets and transmit to a central server for Back Office processing.  Additionally RoadPixel can provide a comprehensive range of ANPR turnkey solutions from a one lane access control application to a city or even country wide scheme.

RoadPixel has its own team of software engineers responsible for developing its recognition software as well as a comprehensive range of application and back office software.  An SDK is available for our partners who wish to integrate our recognition software into their own application suite. We sell our own unique RoadWolf ™ANPR Cameras that feature the latest technical innovations as well as some desirable features that are attractive to systems integrators making life easier for installation engineers.

RoadPixel also supply a wide range of competitively priced PCs, rugged mobile processors, servers, IP Encoders, and Video Grabber Cards.

RoadPixel sell primarily via systems integrators but we are happy to engage directly with users and provide support, system planning and consultancy advice.  If you are not quite sure what is possible then we can give you the answers without delay and walk you through to a final turnkey solution.

 RoadPixel are presently looking to appoint further reseller partners both in the UK, Europe and Internationally.

RoadPixel believe in reacting to their clients’ needs in a helpful, supportive and collaborative fashion. If you have any ANPR needs or a project in mind please call or email us today.