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What You Need To Know Before You Buy

ANPR solutions frequently fail to deliver to customer expectations as often users do not provide an Operational Specification of their requirements and rely upon a reseller to source 3rd party products to provide an ‘ANPR system’. The lowest cost systems are low cost because they are not mainstream products and they do not work.

RoadPixel is staffed by technical project people who are highly experienced in all aspects of ANPR and who will give you straight answers and information to help you get your project documented for external or internal customers / colleagues through to a successful working system. RoadPixel sell principally through their approved resellers partners who they support. RoadPixel care about their customers and the quality of what they deliver and will never knowingly mislead or misrepresent anything.

RoadPixel understand that after sales care is important and you will find them helpful and responsive.

Inexperienced ANPR resellers may not understand:

  • What technical features an ANPR Camera needs to have to capture plates of moving vehicles 24/7 as opposed to the often irrelevant feature set a Far Eastern CCTV camera maker incorporates into their ‘ANPR’ Camera.
  • How to set up and deploy ANPR Cameras with respect to angles of capture and camera height.
  • Should front or rear plates be read?
  • How to write up a client system/software specification for your customer.
  • Why an electronic shutter and electronic iris are okay for a CCTV camera but not good for an ANPR camera.
  • Why pulsed infra-red and a quality band pass filter is necessary for 24/7 results.

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