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ANPR Integrated LED Signs

Our range of modular LED signs can be bolted together to display dynamic messages in a variety of styles to inform or instruct your staff, visitors or customers. Controlled by RPX-LED, our interactive LED Application Software is easy to use and set up.

LED Signs are normally found at site entrances or gatehouses and are used to welcome and guide traffic to the correct location but also have a useful role to play in the security of a site.

RoadPixel LED Sign’s can be used to read and display the number plates of all passing traffic making the vehicle occupants aware that their vehicle has been logged by the system. These types of installations have been used with considerable success on remote driveways to golf clubs and hotels to deter thieves.

LED Signs can also be used to welcome VIP visitors to a location such as a car dealership and can be used to direct vehicles who have pre-booked parking in an airport car park for example. Multiple signs can be used for multiple lanes of traffic with different messages displayed on each.

The easy to use RPX-LED Application Software allows users to pre-program messages for each category of user in the RPX Database.

See the signs in action at Chateau Impney Hotel & Exhibition Centre here.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR Integrated LED Signs


For example pre-booked Visitors might see the message:

…whilst Suppliers might see:

…leaving Unknown vehicles with the message:
KE14 XTG Please report to the Security Office

Key Uses

  • Welcome Messages – Hotels & Golf Clubs
  • Customer Guidance – Pre-Booked Parking e.g. Airports
  • VIP Messages – Car Dealerships
  • Deterrent Factor – Remote Driveways e.g. Hotels, Golf Clubs and Colleges
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