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Mobile ANPR Systems

RoadPixel’s range of Mobile ANPR Processors has been designed to provide flexible and reliable ANPR on the move. Our mobile PCs, Touchscreens and Cameras can be used alongside RPX-LIVE, our multi-purpose interactive traffic monitoring application. Our rugged Mobile ANPR range has been built to withstand the extreme temperature variants and the vibrations that vehicles experience.

All of our mobile processing platforms are compatible with the RoadWolf Nano Mobile ANPR Camera Range.

The three platforms available include:


A fully E-Marked powerful In-Vehicle PC that can support a wide variety of applications for Police and Mobile Enforcement use. The processor unit is normally mounted in the boot of a vehicle and has a range of high-brightness rugged touch screens and backlit keyboards to fit all vehicle types. A single connector carries touchscreen interface, power and data, with optional GPS, Wi-Fi and Integrated AM/FM Radio modules available.


The ROADSTER-T1 is a slim, lightweight rugged Windows Tablet PC operated by a touch screen and optional keyboard suitable for running a single ANPR channel. It has a full IP65 rating and has an optional MIL Spec. casing allowing it to be mounted onto a vehicle dashboard using a dashboard dock. An optional backlit keyboard simplifies the interaction with the ANPR system.


ROADSTER-RD1 is a ruggedised high performance laptop computer suitable for running RoadPixel’s ANPR Software. The RD1 can be carried around in vehicles and deployed roadside in a few minutes for situations where time and stealth are critical such as covert ANPR applications. The unit has drop-shock protection and MIL-STD-810 certification with a sunlight readable Touchscreen. The RD1 can be supplied with GPS, 4G or Wi-Fi capability for rapid communication of ANPR reads back to a Command centre or BOF.
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