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RoadWolf™ Nano ANPR Camera

The RoadWolf™ Nano is a rugged twin-lens ANPR camera suitable for use where space or aesthetics demand a less industrial look or discreet deployment. Available in Analogue or HD formats, the Nano neatly mounts onto a Police Car or can be fitted inside a RoadPixel Bollard.

The Nano is suitable for fixed applications such as site entrances and car parks where an unobtrusive ANPR solution is desirable. Its small footprint also makes it perfect for Police, Parking Enforcement and other mobile ANPR applications.

The Analogue RoadWolf Nano is fitted with a fixed focal length lens set up to read plates across one or two lanes of traffic from approximately 17m away. The auto-iris colour overview module captures corresponding colour contextual images of vehicles both in daylight and in challenging light conditions.

The HD version provides full dual lane ANPR coverage with an additional analogue colour contextual camera. The Nano is also available as a White Light ANPR Camera and can be supplied with several combinations of digital HD and analogue modules for non-reflective plates and Middle East Countries.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

RoadWolf Nano ANPR Camera


  • Compact Aesthetic Design
  • Analogue & HD Models for Single / Dual lane
  • ANPR & Colour Overview Cameras
  • 5-17m Range
  • IR diffusers evenly illuminate the Field of View
  • Quick release, self-sealing single IP67 connector
  • Pressure purge valve
  • IP67 rated


  • Mobile / Police ANPR
  • Discreet Deployment
  • Aesthetic Site Security Control / Monitoring
  • Barrier / Access Control
  • Barrier / Access Control (short range 5-7m)
  • Bollard-ready
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