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RoadWolf™ Nano SR ANPR Camera

The RoadWolf™ Nano SR is a low cost professional analogue ANPR camera with a maximum range of up to 15 metres. The Nano SR has a discreet compact housing, can be used to record plate images 24/7 with a DVR or NVR and is perfect for site entrances, car parks or barrier control applications. The single twist and lock waterproof connector makes installation and maintenance easy.
The RoadWolf Nano SR is supplied factory set to order with the read range you need. The auto-iris colour overview module captures corresponding colour contextual images of vehicles both in daylight and in challenging light conditions.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

RoadWolf Nano SR ANPR Camera


  • Compact Aesthetic Design
  • Single Lane coverage
  • analogue ANPR & Colour Overview Cameras
  • IR diffusers evenly illuminate the Field of View
  • Quick release, self-sealing single IP67 connector
  • Pressure purge valve
  • IP67 rated


  • Discreet Deployment
  • Aesthetic Site Security Control / Monitoring
  • Barrier /  Access Control (short range 5-7m)
  • Bollard-ready
  • output direct to nvr/dvr for plate image capture
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