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RPX-DROID is a versatile ANPR remote outstation or local client with a web-based interface connecting to our advanced ANPR engine.

Once deployed, RPX-DROID acts like a robotic device capturing plates and vehicle images, performing local OCR and then transmitting the results to another device or remote Back Office using a variety of methods.
Many business users have their own ANPR Back Office (BOF) application such as a parking payment system – or a lorry park booking system.  In such cases all the client needs is an accurate and reliable ANPR program which will run on either a local PC – or a remote outstation sending ANPR reads in real time.

RPX-DROID connects to any RoadWolf ANPR camera including PAL, HD IP or GigE to remotely monitor multiple or wide traffic lanes or entrances and users can set custom crop zones for difficult site entrances so that plates in adjacent lanes will not be read.

As each vehicle appears in the field of view the number plate is tracked and reported with the exact angle of approach for advanced applications such as free flow car park control.  Alternatively, this can be reported as a simple In or Out direction for use in Car Park monitoring applications.  This accurate plate tracking can be used to report the SPEED of the vehicle as it approaches the camera which can help control traffic within speed restricted sites, depots or villages.

RPX-DROID will output or transmit Plate data including the Infrared camera plate images, associated colour overview images, the plate details along with all location details including exact GPS location.  Output formats include:
  • REX - RoadPixel ASCII Export
  • BOF2 - Compatible with Home Office BOF2 standard.
  • SQL - Output to user defined SQL tables
  • Web - Web Services output via XML, SOAP or JSON
  • Process - Executes a user-defined executable file
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