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Real-time Security monitoring of criminals and unwanted vehicles arriving on site is almost impossible without an ANPR system. CCTV systems are not able to capture number plates of moving vehicles in variable lighting conditions, often the best that can be expected is to be able to work out the type of vehicle.

A RoadPixel ANPR System will capture number plates of all vehicles for security and safety purposes. A record is created for each vehicle detailing the number plate, an image of the vehicle as well as the time and date stamp. This allows users to easily search for vehicles by plate, partial plate, date and time ranges.

By registering all staff, parents, visitor and delivery vehicle details you can be aware of all vehicles coming on to your site. You can also receive security alerts if required, for unwanted or unknown vehicles. Simple time and date range searches after any incident can be used to determine vehicles on-site at that time.

Benefits of an effective ANPR system:

  • Automatic warnings of unwanted or unauthorised vehicles
  • Car park management and control of space squatters
  • Permit holder administration
  • Reduced staff costs
  • Management reports
  • Identify frequent users
  • Increased security means a safer car park

Access Control

Our ANPR systems can provide you with the tools to manage your car park efficiently and effectively. With a database made up of all staff and student (permit holders) vehicle details as well as any pre-planned visitors, contractors etc. you can ensure a smooth experience for users. LED signs can be used to direct individuals or groups of people to specific parking areas. Visitors for example might be guided to the closest car park to reception, whereas students might be offered a tiered parking permit scheme with higher fees being charged for spaces closest to the main buildings and vice versa.

Unwanted Visitors

As well as managing the visitors you do want on your campus our ANPR systems can also alert you to unwanted or unauthorised visitors. Whether it’s known criminals, banned vehicles or disgruntled employees – with the use of ‘hot lists’ you can flag any vehicle so they can be quickly identified as soon as they enter your campus creating a safer environment for all.

Merrist Wood College

As part of the development of the on-site residential accommodation, Merrist Wood College wanted to increase their general site security and also restrict access after-hours to specifically authorised vehicles.
A RoadPixel ANPR Bollard camera was used to integrate and control the Bi-fold gates. With the use of RPX-LIVE, the College’s admin staff setup specific categories and individual user rules for out of hours access when the gates are closed to general traffic.

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